Cranky Critters
2 min readNov 15, 2021


Time to enter your Critters in the BATTLE ROYALE.

You will be able to submit 3 critters to enter a brawl, but only 1 will come out victorious! The Critter that survives will be thoroughly beaten up, making him extremely unique in the collection. We’ll call these the MEGACRANKS.


Basically we’re launching a fun burn mechanic, where you can burn 3 of your critters and you will get a very rare one in return. These ‘MEGACRANKS’ will be part of the main collection and there’s a limit of 100 that can be minted. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • You can submit any critters you want, doesn’t have to be different critters.
  • Aside from their unique appearance, some MEGACRANKS will have a 1/1 unique trait or even all 1/1 unique traits, making them super rare. You can expect them to look very beat up and super pissed off.
  • The Critter that survives will always be one of the types that you entered. If you are dead set on keeping a Bee, you’ll need to enter 3 Bee’s. If you enter 2 Bee’s and a Raccoon you will get either a Bee or a Raccoon.
  • There are only 100 MEGACRANKS available.
  • When all 100 are minted, we will have lost 300 Critters, leaving a total supply of 5800.
  • Once 100 MEGACRANKS are minted, the battle royale ends and the main collection will never be adjusted again.
  • Holding a MEGACRANK grants you a MEGACRANK Limited Edition of the board game. All critter holders receive a special NFT edition of the Board game with NFT exclusives like additional cards and an extra playable critter, but the MEGACRANK Limited Edition will be a bigger, fancier box with exclusive goodies! We can’t spoil the surprise yet, but some ideas we’re really excited about are figurines, enamel pins, and collectible signed cards!


We’re planning to launch the BATTLE ROYALE mechanic roughly 4 weeks after the release of the main collection.

Feel free to jump on our Discord or follow along on Twitter to stay up to date about the release!



Cranky Critters

An NFT collection of 6,000 Cranky Critters Anger symbol. Creating a Cranky Critters Board game.