Cranky Critters

Cranky Critters
3 min readOct 23, 2021

We’ve all been there. Just one of those days where everything goes wrong and by the end of the day you’re ready to scream at the next person you come across. What if we can use all that anger and redirect it into creating a fun, relatable board game? Brilliant, I know.

Why an NFT project?

The idea for the Cranky Critters board game was born roughly 5 years ago. We thought about launching a Kickstarter, but were always hesitant because of the platforms limitations. Ultimately it’s not our goal to just create a killer board game. We want Cranky Critters to become a brand where the community is able to be a part of the process and influence decisions. We want to connect people from across the world with this relatable emotion of just having the worst day. We don’t want to just have board games. We want to offer digital assets, merch, community initiatives and more.

NFTs not only offer a way of doing all this, they also offer the possibility of owning your own Cranky Critter that you can relate to.

The NFT space is expanding rapidly and new projects are popping up daily. We’ve taken the time to analyze what we like in a project and especially what we don’t like.

- Not be anonymous. We put our identities and faith in this project.
- Not spam people. No invite contests or rewards for just spamming chat.
- Offer real world utility and an exciting roadmap.
- Put community first.

The Roadmap

Offsetra initiative

We want to be responsible and make sure our decision of making this an NFT project does not impact the environment in any bad way, because polluting really pisses us off. Additionally we want to do our part for the world and offer a part of the proceeds to charity. While we are planning on getting community feedback on what charity to support, we will start off by donating a set percentage of the proceeds to Offsetra.

We will assign at least 5% of all primary sales to Offsetra, no matter how many are sold. Additionally we will donate 10% of our secondary sale royalties after every payout.

If we sell out, we would need 0.3% of the proceeds to offset our carbon footprint. 4.3% additional proceeds would be donated, so 18 eth in total.

Board game

While we know what direction we want to go with the board game, we want to involve the community in the decision making. During development holders of a Cranky Critter will be able to give feedback and influence key decisions about the board game.
What we can already say:

  • It will be a tabletop board game
  • It will include a randomized component for high replay value
  • Easily expandable (open format)
  • Think of it as a ‘last critter standing’ sort of idea

When production is complete a snapshot will be taken and holders of a Cranky Critter will receive a coupon code airdrop to claim the board game for free in our shop. The Board game NFT holders will receive a NFT limited edition box which will include exclusive content. A regular version of the board game might be offered for sale to the public later, without the NFT exclusives.

Other roadmap points

We want to keep some things as a surprise, so we will reveal more about the other roadmap items as we progress in the coming weeks.

To sum up

The main thing to take away from this is, is that we’re planning a lot of fun stuff short term and long term, laying the foundation for a brand that we are aiming to expand for the coming years. A place where community is central and something everyone can relate to. Just one of those f*cking days! :)

Join our discord and tag along for the journey!



Cranky Critters

An NFT collection of 6,000 Cranky Critters Anger symbol. Creating a Cranky Critters Board game.