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2 min readJan 4, 2022


While we will always aim to add value and utility to all Critter NFTs, we came up with a system to reward our early and dedicated supporters.

What’s the OG Critter Pass

We’ve been handing out ‘OG Critter’ roles in our Discord to early supporters and dedicated brand ambassadors. Having an OG Critter role in Discord will entitle you to 3 mints during the presale.

Shortly after launch we will be taking a snapshot. Every OG critter that has minted at least 1 Cranky Critter will get airdropped a cool NFT:
The OG Critter Pass

The OG Critter Pass will be a ERC-1155 token.

What are the benefits?

Holding the OG Critter pass will grant you these benefits:

- FREE mint for every future drop (1 per pass)
- FREE expansion for every future expansion (1 per pass)
- Minimum -30% discount on Merch

Can I still get it?

Mods have been handing out the OG Critter role to people that are interested and passionate about the project. People were able to show engagement in different ways (attending events, spreading the word, being a part of the street team ,…)
Our public sale starts on January 10th, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to try and earn the OG Critter role in Discord. Doing something nice for the project, or community, is always a good way to get noticed!

Making it an NFT creates a great opportunity for later supporters to still get in. You will be able to purchase it on the secondary market.



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